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I think this is really fun and has a ton of style but could do with some changes in my opinion. Slightly quicker movement speed would really help especially considering how often you have to redo stages when you move the stone enemies into an incorrect position and cant get them out, or die. Also I think confining the players movement to the grid the stage assets are on (like classic Pokemon for example) would make the experience much cleaner, considering how you cant push stone enemies, walk through single space wide hallways, or even pick up the sword without being lined up perfectly. On the whole though its a good experience with slick art and music, and stimulating puzzles.

Miroko responds:

Yeah I agree with some of your points I think this game has been a great "try out" and there's much to be improved. If we ever make a sequel or a full version we'll try to address those flaws.
Thank you! (:

I had a lot of fun with this one! I would agree though, however, that there is a lack of content in the main game. I think more kingdom and princess's would be excellent, polishing up menus would be nice, and better descriptions for what things do in game (for instance, i had no idea what the wolves did until after I'd beaten the main game and read the description.) I would say that also adding more dragon levels would be cool and add to the feeling of progression. You could possibly have branching paths for what the dragon could become, with different abilities. Overall, it was pretty good start that has lots of potential, with solid art (especially the dragon and the princesses) and a nice feeling of progression!

EDIT: So after reading some other reviews I learned there was a survival mode, which feels much more developed than the main game. Its a shame, seeing as its icon is so small on the main menu its easy to miss and after beating the main game I don't really see a way to access the main menu without refreshing the browser. Using the main campaign as a sort of tutorial and then launching into the survival mode would be a great way of handling things but as it is now there isn't a a very smooth transition, and I'm sure a lot of players missed survival entirely. A real shame, seeing as the frantic pace and increased options makes survival a much more fun experience than the main game.

I dont wanna be rude or anything but this feels extremely slapped together. This game just straight up has assets identical to Shorties Kingdom 2
( https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713136 ) so honestly just go play that cause it uses the assets a lot better. Again I really dont mean to be rude but if your gonna take things out of an asset library/template maybe mix em up/edit them before publishing the game. This wouldnt be as much of an issue if this wasnt on the the front page but I think the frontpage should be reserved for people who put love and care into their games and thats clearly not the case here.

very nice job! felt fleshed out and full! the controls take a minute to get used to overall and the wall cling/run feels a little awkward, but aside from that the robot controls just fine! im also glad the only hints you give are the pictures for the four keys and the statue pointing to the starting pillar in the first pink energy orb challenge thing, every puzzle is so easy to understand but still challenging at the same time! nice job! (musics pretty bumpin too)

MatthewSchreiner responds:

Thanks for the feed back! I appreciate it =D

This is what Ive wanted out of a game for years. Everything. Great game.

I made a Boss:

Its my first one so I did myself as a boss

I'm an illustrator that does some rough animation on the side. I'd love to make some sort of comic in the near future and my ultimate goal is to make games. Please feel free to check out my work, and if you're interested, I'd love some commission work.

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