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LVL99 Axe Rage BETA DEMO 0.8 LVL99 Axe Rage BETA DEMO 0.8

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is really great! Especially considering this is just the beta, this project has a lot of promise. Mostly tight controls, simple yet fun combat, good exploration, and slick pixel art. Again, such a great job. I got a few complaints though.
The game over screen can be really frustrating to mash through, especially with how many instant death pits there are. The pause screen is slightly akward, seeing as you can back out of everything with the attack button but then have to hit start to close the entire thing ( this might just be a personal thing but it really bothered me every time I paused the game) I'm also not a fan of how some enemies attacks hit slightly above them while yours dont hit even a little below with the basic combo or even the ground slam (something I really enjoyed using by the way) so if youre on a platform above them they can smack you around but you cant fight back unless you hop down to their level. I think the three hit combo should only happen if done in quick succession. Swinging twice with the first two regualr strikes, then walking off a ways and then the next time you attack its this really strong multi hit move that feels like it came out of nowhere, I dunno, it can just feel really strange. Finally, I just have no idea when the backflip will work or just not come out.
It might look like quite a thick bit of complaining, but it didnt stop me from genuinly enjoying this game. The tight controls made it feel like when I got hit it was more my fault then some cheap enemy design (I think thats one of the most important things in a good action game) The exploration felt very natural and the items you find are really fun. The art has alot of character, (the save station is so cool looking btw) The inventory is easy to navigate (aside from that one thing I mentioned earlier) And again, the tight simplicity of the combat . Good Stuff.
I would say overall this game is lacking in some departments but if this is just the beta I'm really excited to see it finished.

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Cathode Raybots Cathode Raybots

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is what Ive wanted out of a game for years. Everything. Great game.

I made a Boss:

Its my first one so I did myself as a boss